Landscape Development Plan Bergen
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Landscape Development Plan Bergen

Brons + partners was commissioned by the municipality of Bergen to develop a Landscape Development Plan. This plan is an elaboration of the Spatial Development Vision of the municipality, which gives directions to the functions in the landscape.

For new developments in the landscape, the landscape development plan gives guidelines to reach spatial qualities according to the different types of landscapes. New developments are for example the embedding of farmhouses, facilities for horses, holiday resorts and the visual quality of the edges of villages. The landscape of Bergen consists of the natural dunes, the cultivated inner dune zone and the open agricultural polders. In each type of landscape other combinations are needed (like architecture, color, materials and types of vegetation) to fit the developments into the landscape.

Communication process with the environment
The photo contest for the local residents has provided us with beautiful images, with the open landscape and the effects of daylight as the main themes. These themes are integrated in the final vision. In addition, an excursion has been organized for councilors, in which many new insights concerning the design and implementation of farms were formed. Several consultation moments with interest parties and the residents have led to a stronger vision and a broader support for the implementation of the projects.

Key topics of the vision and the implementation plan are:
- maintaining the beautiful transitions of the dunes, the inner dunes and the polder landscape;
- a good lay-out of the farms and their lots in the rural area, with an appropriate architecture for the farm buildings and prevention of clutter;
- the restoration of the dunes and their maintenance;
- the design for the Herenweg, an important historic infrastructure in the rural area;
- promoting recreational usability, focusing on horse riding and canoing, and combining a cycling path with the cultural heritage from the Second World War;
- provide education for youth about the landscape.

In the autumn of 2011 the council of the municipality of Bergen has officially adopted the plan.

Project number: 919

Location: Rural area Bergen

Client: Municipality of Bergen

Product: Advise for landscape development

Year: 2011

Landschapsontwikkelingsplan Bergen

Analyse, visie en uitvoering Definitief September 2011

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