Compensation meadow birds area N207
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Compensation meadow birds area N207

With the construction of the new provincial road N207 around Gouda, natural areas will be affected and partly destroyed. According to the governmental policy, these areas have to be compensated by creating 'new' nature. After an extensive research and communication process with various parties, with Brons + partners landscape architects in a leading role, it was shown that the nature compensation could not be entirely conducted in the direct vicinity of the new road. Therefore at another location two sites have been chosen to compensate the affected nature. In consultation with the managers of 'Zuid-Hollands Landschap' (a foundation concerned with protecting local nature areas), who will be the managers of the 'new nature', a plan has been drawn with various measures, to make sure nature will develop as good as possible. These measures are visualized in different maps, which have been incorporated into the final road design by the client, the Province of South-Holland.

Project number: 832

Location: Province of South-Holland

Client: Province of South-Holland

Product: Report and design nature compensation

Year: 2008 - 2009

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