Brons + Partners Landscape Architects develops with their team projects with a clear vision and design, related to the sustainable perception and functioning of the outdoor space. The current assignments are exciting and provide new inspiration. We do this from one of the oldest buildings in Culemborg: 'Caffaigne' and the office is situated in the historic medieval center.


For this we develop ideas, scenarios, visions and spatial plans. Much experience has been gained in naming the actual and potential field qualities, the genius loci of the place. We examine closely whether a clever interplay between different tasks can lead to synergy and added value. As a landscape architect and consultant we are only satisfied when we have developed an appealing plan in cooperation with you. Our expertise is both in the city and in the countryside, traditionally in the Netherlands, but nowadays more and more abroad in Asia, South Africa and Australia.



In the city we are involved  to improve the environment, in which we: design proposals for the new public area, linking  green areas and traffic zones to a cleaner and more acceptable living and working environment. Reducing fine dust, heat stress in combination with innovative solutions, such as climate adaptive strategies needed by the deployed climate change, are part of our design ambition. This creates a perspective of innovative design features. In cooperation with environmental, climate and water specialists we develop surprising sustainable concepts, which gives new perspectives to the identity of the place.



The open space of our rural area and its natural and cultural heritage is invaluable to the interplay between city and country. As landscape architects we use the qualities and the multi functionality of the rural area for the integration of new challenges and new uses. We also develop new connections between city and landscape by making new  'metropolitan' landscapes.


Our expertise is at the macro scale developing visions as structural visions and landscape views, which creates a clear future-proof perspective, developed in a participatory process carefully. More place-bound it is about integration of infrastructure and water issues such as coastal protection and strengthening of river embankments in vulnerable landscapes. We also work on integrating and developing new forms of recreation in the countryside. On a smaller scale we are working on sustainable areas and explore new combinations of uses such as care and landscape, recreation and heritage and climate adaptation measures in new scenarios.

We like to go 'far' to explore new opportunities for our clients. Hereby we are progressive, realistic and result minded.


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