To develop landscapes in and outside the urban area, which are esthetic, vital and meaningful  forms the framework of the mission of Brons + partners landscape architects. We are focused on a more sustainable environment and working towards a more attractive and climate proof society .


We take care that spatial qualities and design form the framework for the main assignments: urban redevelopment, introduction of sustainability in the urban fabric and  recreation and touristic development in the rural area.


Inspiration by the qualities and chances of the location, in a combined action with the newest understandings, forms starting point.  Our design is sometimes audacious, often nicely temperate, sustainable, well suitable, and appealing. 

Our Credo 



'Building your dreams' able us to believe in innovation, with the goal of creating a pleasant living and working environment. Read more.



'Exploring the impossible' goes far beyond standard analyzes and provides results on the identity of the area as a springboard for new developments and connections. Read more.



'Developing the future' stands for solid future visions and robust designs , that are interdisciplinary developed and implemented, makeable and durable. Read more.

Rudy Brons, director Brons + partners landscape architects

November 2014


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