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Landscape is an important part of our daily life. We live in it, we travel through it, we use it as an sustainable energy source in various ways and we like to relax and enjoy in the landscape. Dutch innovative landscape design is interesting for our foreign clients,especially in areas where you can find rapid city expansion, urban sprawl, poor air quality,soil pollution,poor mobility networks and the effects of climate change, like flooding draught and heat stress.

Brons + partners landscape architects is a Dutch international operating professional landscape-office, located in the centre of the Netherlands. We feel ourselves part of the Dutch tradition of making, remodeling and innovate (Dutch) landscapes and joining the Blue economy. Our international network is growing and now established in England, China, Australia and South Africa.

The Netherlands has a large variety of landscapes and is partly situated below sea-level. Every day, we are seeking for creative solutions for a protective, vital and esthetic landscape, with new solutions, innovative strategies, inspiring images, dialogues and designs. Landscape planning and design can only be successful if the landscape architect understands the spatial qualities and the historical and social meaning of the landscape, and if he is willing to understand the wishes and ideas of his client. A good design can only be made if the qualities of the landscape and the ideas and wishes of the client are brought together in an harmonious scheme, worked out in a design which fits in that specific place, using the genius loci of the area.

As landscape architects, we take part in designing spatial strategies for the transition of the cities and landscapes of today. Creating cleaner cities, introducing innovative green-blue networks, integrating green energy solutions and finding ways to accommodate the effects of the climate change like heavy rains, draught, sea level rise and land subsidence is part of our practice of today. Our fields of experience show a range of scales, from large scale abstract models towards detailed designs. We also notice the increasing demand on touristic recreation development plans, to develop the touristic value of regions and sites into master planning and designs for parks and sites.

Communication is, next to understanding the spatial factors in the landscape, is one of the essential aspects of our field. It starts with questioning the client but broadens to consultation processes with interested parties, residents and governments. The teamwork between client and contractor is considered as an important aspect. Our clients are part of (semi)-governmental organizations, private companies, major building construction companies and private investors. Creating a vital and esthetic landscape and design together with our clients is the mission of Brons + partners landscape architects.

List of clients

We work for

  • Governmental organizations, concerning national, provincial and the local government;
  • Regional Water Authorities;
  • Nature- and landscape organizations;
  • Healthcare institutions;
  • Construction companies concerning infra structure;
  • Planning consultants;
  • Commercial and industrial organizations
  • Private and semi-governmental enterprises;
  • Project development companies
  • Farmers and landowners of estates
  • Private clients


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