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Zellingplein N207

New rest point, Zellingplein, with a view over the river Hollandsche IJssel in execution.

The Zellingplein offers a new view- and rest point for cyclists and walkers in the elbow between the provincial highway N207 and the new bridge over the river Hollandsche IJssel, south of Gouda. Brons + partners designed the square for the province of South-Holland and is also in charge to let the square be executed. This square is part of a bigger project along the river between Rotterdam and Gouda, called Hollandsche IJssel cleaner and nicer.  This is why Brons + partners worked together with artist Karola Pezarro to tell something about the history of this place. Pezarro designed the terrazzo inner cirkel of the square with annual rings of trees. These annual rings refer to the oak woods who grew here in the past. Also the icons of brass oak leaves  in the back of the outdoor chairs refer to these trees. 

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